Let me tell you about Esther.  Having had no prior drawing experience, Esther signed up for my Beginner Drawing Class at the Lincoln Senior Center several years ago.  At its completion after 12 weeks she was ready to move on to the Advanced Drawing Class that I offer as a follow-up to the Beginner Class.  When I noticed that she had signed up for BOTH the Beginner Class and the Advanced Class I thought she had made a mistake.  "No mistake", she said, "I have so much more to learn and I want to repeat the Beginner Class to make sure I didn't miss anything."  And that's how it went for a few years.  Esther enrolled in both my Beginner Class and my Advanced Class continuously. She worked diligently taking in  all the information she could to help her in her drawing process.  In addition to drawing she mastered the use of color, as well, creating her own distinct style of a bright colorful palette.  Yesterday the Advanced Drawing Class worked with charcoal drawing glass objects - no easy task.  Below is Esther's charcoal drawing of a glass candy dish.  Esther just turned 90 years old.