Winsor&  Newton Cotman:

Cadmiun Yellow             Cadmium Red              Cobalt Blue            Sap Green

Ultramarine Blue         Indian Red              Alizarin Crimson            Hooker's Green Light

Payne's Gray              Purple                   Yellow Ochre             Burnt Umber


Optional, but a good addition:

Cadmium Yellow Pale       Magenta            Cerulean Blue               Raw Sienna



I use a #8,  a # 30,  and  a #4.   Brushes should be a good quality.   Make sure these are watercolor brushes.



Paper should be a good quality.  For beginners I like Strathmore 140 lb.  cold press (Cover is brown and reads "Best". ).  These come in pads, blocks, or sheets.

A higher quality is Arches 140 lb.  cold press.


A pallet (for mixing paints) can be as simple as a white ceramic dinner plate.  

Other supplies can include,  masking, container palette, and other specialty brushes,  


I order from:

They have great prices, secure site, and quick delivery.  They also have a store on North Main Street, Providence.

(They offer a set of 8 watercolor brushes, including #4, #8, and #30 on sale for $39.99 (original price, $99.95); SKU # 87257)