The group meeting for my upcoming exhibit was cancelled due to snow so it will have to wait another week.  In the meantime there are other things I need to do in preparation.  The paper work and fee have been sent in to the Gallery.  The Gallery requires a fee for participation in a Group Exhibit.  This includes rental of the Gallery for the duration of the show, designing and printing all publications, including a poster for the front entrance, 100 postcards for each participant,  50 exhibiting brochures, title cards, and re-designing and framing our bios.  A portion of the fee will be refunded if we volunteer as a gallery sitter 3 times during the year.  The gallery also is paid a 25% commission for all work sold.  This is relatively low compared to other local galleries.  The commission helps to keep the gallery running as exhibits are offered to the public free of charge.  We can only include 2 "not for sale" (NFS) pieces in our collection.  Out of 15 pieces I will have 1 NFS.  (Continued in another blog.)