Where Do Ideas Come From?

Anywhere!  My ideas come from my surroundings.  OK, not every pretty picture translates into great art.  What is the basis for my subject matter?  First, I suppose, I notice color.  Color has always been a very important aspect of my life.  I love color!  I also look for subject matter that has some dimension to it.  I like contrast, as well - lights next to darks,  large next to small,  order with chaos,  etc.  And good composition.  I look for scenes where the area is full, where there is little "empty space".  I guess that's why a lot of my paintings are up front "in your face" types.  

This painting developed after my friend and I were shopping in a local market.  I noticed the colorful display of heirloom tomatoes.  I marveled at how this would make a good painting.  My friend took several photos of the display with her phone and sent them to me.  After looking over the photos I chose one and began my painting.  Notice your surroundings.