Take A Drawing Class

I have just started to teach a drawing class at Lyn-Art Studio in Greenville, RI.  Before you say, " I can't draw a straight line...", I have news for you.  Drawing straight lines is not necessary, nor is it desirable in free hand drawing.  Also, if you cannot draw, this is why you take a class anyway - to learn how.  I have been teaching drawing and painting for many years.  I can tell you that I can teach you how to draw.  The only requirement (besides pencil and paper) is an interest.  You will work, sometimes harder than other times, so, therefore,  you have to have the desire to learn and the interest to keep you motivated and engaged.  That's it!  If drawing is something you have always wanted to do, my class will open up a whole new, exciting world for you.  Once you learn the basics of drawing, painting comes easily and naturally.  Try it!