I really like this color for the door as it contrasts to the skates but also picks up some of the pink colors in the skates.  It is almost the same color that my front door used to be before we painted it orange!  Because I need a lot of paint of the same color I mixed the color in a small dish to make sure I will have enough for the entire door.  If I ran out of the color before the door was finished I would never be able to match the color.  So if you are painting a large area of the same color mix it in a small dish but check the color because more quantity means more water which means a lighter color.  Notice how dark the color appears in the dish but when painted on the door it is much lighter.  Because there is a lot of water in the dish it is really much lighter than it appears.  Always test your color on a scrap piece of watercolor paper before painting.  You do not want to paint a lot of unnecessary layers.