Because of my ongoing blog of the PROGRESSION OF A PAINTING, I didn't get a chance to report on my Art Exhibit Opening Reception held on March 6.  Well, it was a huge success.  There was a constant flow of visitors the entire time.  I didn't have any sales during the reception but the show is up until the end of March.   After that most of the pieces will be exhibited in another show for the entire summer!  Many of my students, relatives and friends, including a few who are present owners of my art work came to the reception.  I hope to post some pictures soon.

One interesting note:  My son Jake bought a small painting ( He already has several of my paintings.  LOL ) from a group of gallery paintings that were donated to the RIWS.  It turns out that the artist is my all time favorite artist at the RIWS.  Mother and son have similar interests. 

FYI - I have posted images of all the paintings that are in this current exhibit under the menu heading:  RIWS 2016 ART EXHIBIT.