You may recall my mentioning bin art in my blogs about preparing for an art exhibit.   Usually an artist is limited regarding the amount of paintings one can hang on the gallery walls during a particular exhibit.  And for the most part,  all work hung should be original.  Some artists have additional work, perhaps smaller and less expensive art work, for sale.  They may even have prints made of their original paintings.  These additional works of art will not be framed but will be presented, matted and protected in a cellophane "sleeve".   They are offered for sale in the gallery near the artists' art work which is hung on the walls and located in an artists' bin.  The bin is usually a piece of fabric slung on a frame waist high so that visitors can easily browse through the selection.  Maybe the artists' larger pieces are out of your price range.  Bin art pieces are great opportunities  to own  a print or a smaller original of a favorite artist.  I will have several original paintings offered in my bin at my upcoming exhibit.