In preparing for an exhibit there are many things that need to be in place for a successful show.  The Rhode Island Watercolor Society provides a Hanging Committee for all shows including Member Shows.  Our 3 Person Exhibit, opening on March 6, 2016, had its meeting with the Gallery director and Hanging Committee chairperson recently.  Things that needed to be discussed with the Hanging Committee were:  our hanging format (our paintings will be hung in a mixed fashion),  designated feature wall painting and bio, lists and prices of our paintings to be hung, as well as, bin paintings (Paintings in a separate bin are not framed.), condition of our paintings (wired, clean, and framed properly), and the drop off date.  Things that the Gallery director needed in place were: the dates we will Gallery sit,  publicity information,  and forms and fees.  Things that we as exhibiting members needed to discuss were:  arrival time on day of opening,  the layout of the refreshment table and decor, and what refreshments each of us will be responsible for.  Because each of us artists have exhibited before the meeting went very smoothly.  I remember how overwhelming it was for me the first time I exhibited, but the Gallery director presents all the necessary information to exhibitors in a well organized list of "things to do"  with the appropriate due dates.  I will keep you updated as the show nears.