Yesterday, I posted information about the brushes I use.  Today I will give you a list of the paints that are in my palette.  The first 12 paints are the ones I highly recommend if you are just starting out in watercolor.  The colors that follow are optional but a welcoming addition.  I like the Winsor &  Newton brand and they have a student line, Winsor & Newton Cotman that are very good.  Once you have your basic palette of colors in place feel free to peruse the watercolor paints at your local art supply store (or online)  and supplement your palette with any other colors that appeal to you.  Art and painting shouldn't be a strict experience.  Experiment and have fun!

Cadmium Yellow            Cadmium Red             Alizarin Crimson            Indian Red               Sap Green         Hookers Green Light         Cobalt Blue                

Ultramarine Blue            Purple                          Payne's Gray           Yellow Ochre           Burnt Umber


Cadmium Yellow Pale      Magenta                  Intense Phalo Green        Hookers green Dark         Cerulean Blue         Indigo        Raw Sienna    

Burnt Sienna                           Van Dyke Brown                             Ivory  Black


You may have noticed that I do not have White in my palette.  I will say more about that in a future post.  Stay tuned and check back often!