You may have noticed on each page of my website is information about my upcoming exhibit.  I thought you might like to know what goes into preparing for participation in an art show.  

I am a member of the Rhode Island Watercolor Society ( a future blog).  Each artist member can participate in a 3, 4 or 5 person show once every two years.  My last exhibit there was in the spring of 2014 so I was anxiously waiting for my turn again this year.  I have been painting for the last two years with this show in mind.  When the email came from the RIWS to sign up for 2016 shows I acted quickly to secure a spot this spring.  Although the Gallery has continuous exhibits, only about 3 -4 shows each year are available for 3,4 or 5 person shows.  I prefer the spring   because it is the time of year when people are coming out of winter hibernation and looking for something to do.  Summer in RI is a difficult time to lure people away from the coast.  I was assigned a 3 person show for the month of March with the opening reception scheduled for  Sunday,  March 6 from 2 - 4 pm.   About one month before the show opens the Gallery will send out guidelines for the show and set up a meeting between exhibitors and the chairman of the Hanging Committee.   At this meeting the Hanging Committee will relate their needs as far as what information they need to hang our show, for example:  What painting we want for our "feature painting" that will be hung with our Biography,  whether we want our paintings to hang separately or to hang in a mixed order (Most exhibitor prefer mixed because all visitors will see all art work this way rather that viewing just those of their friends or family.), and any other special requests.  They also need a detailed, numbered list, with prices, of each of our paintings.  A business card should be secured to the back of each painting.  Paintings need to be clean and wired, ready for hanging.  There are approximately 60 spaces in the Gallery, so therefore each artist in the group can exhibit 15 - 20 pieces depending on the size.   (Continued in another blog)